Smart Thermostats

The smart, elegant thermostat for your home

Eclipse Energy believe your home should be your sanctuary. It should be your place of comfort that you come back to after a long and weary day. But if your home is never the right temperature and is costing you money in terms of energy bills it can cease to be a place you look forward to relaxing in and retreating to.

All Eclipse boilers now come with innovative smart thermostat controls. the thermostat conveniently utilises smart technology to help you save energy and control your energy consumption.

Smart thermostat controls are tailored specifically to you and your family’s energy usage. Depending on the type of thermostat installed, it can gather information about your routine when you’re in the house or out and about. It can even remember when you’re jetting off on holiday. Consequently, it can adjust your home heating accordingly.

Your Project

  1. You contact us via phone or email to outline your need to install a Smart Thermostat
  2. One of our friendly and qualified engineers will promptly get back to you. They will explore your options regarding the different types of boiler available, the funding on offer and pricing.
  3. Once you are happy and agreed on which option you wish to take, our engineer will proceed to upgrade or replace your boiler efficiently and reliably.
  4. We are pleased to offer a high quality after-care service so our team are always on-hand and happy to help, even after your boiler is installed and the project is complete.

As an extra boost and benefit you can now control your hot water using selected smart thermostats. These are equipped with a hot water schedule that can be modified to suit your needs. It is fully adaptable by you using the user-friendly app.

With the freedom and flexibility to regulate the temperature of your home while you’re on the go and out and about using your smartphone and great results, Eclipse Energy is proud to be installers of this advanced, family friendly piece of technology.

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